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More successes of Anegre


With utmost attention and interest we observe a continual growth of the furniture making company Anegre, which has been operating on the Polish and European markets for a decade now. These years have borne fruit in the form of a series of outstanding projects and implementations. What bears testimony to the splendid design and a high quality of the furniture is not only the recognition and satisfaction of the customers, but also a number of awards granted to the manufacturer.


Anegre has received the Diament Meblarstwa [Diamond of Furniture Making] trophy for the third time. This time the award-winning product is the built-in furniture and a designer desk “Diamante”, both rewarded in the category of office furniture, premium quality. This piece of furniture also won in the Diament design [Diamond design] category and received a special award granted by the representatives of the mass media.

The concept when composing the desk was the creation of a piece of furniture having an interesting 

and unexpected outline. The entire project is maintained in minimalist style. The futuristic piece of furniture constitutes space decoration in itself. The composition of dark varnish and a patterned American walnut veneer forms a contrast in colour and structure of the materials, thus underlining the dynamism 

and unconventionality of the entire composition. The office built-in furniture stands out through an interesting manually laid veneer on the fronts. An inspiration for introducing an atypical arrangement of the veneer and underlining the outline of the tree ring came from diamond shaping.

No wonder then that the resulting unique and extremely dynamic shape enchanted both the competition jury and the users. The work and effort of the entire Anegre team, i.e. designers, manufacturers and the contractors, has been appreciated.



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Designer desk and built-in furniture from Anegre

In the designs portfolio of the Anegre studio from Strzelin you can admire another extremely interesting production result. It consists of built-in furniture with a desk which is characterised by an atypical and original shape.

The authors' assumption consisted in creating such a furniture body which would be devoid of any right angles. As a consequence of a modern approach to designing and an ambition to produce new designs, a desk having an interesting and surprising contour, as well as a dynamic form, has been created.


A top supported on a side slightly tilted from the perpendicular constitutes the central part of the assumption, which also includes built-in furniture. The desk has become prominent by the very employment of the atypical and sculptor's form. The entire project is maintained in minimalist style and is devoid of any decor. The shape of the furniture body, the unique arrangement and the combination of materials constitute a decoration in itself. The designers have put together a black, homogeneous, laminated material and patterned veneer in the colour of American walnut. The marked contrast in the colour and the texture of the materials used additionally underlines the dynamism and the individual style of the entire composition.


An interesting manipulation which has greatly enhanced the project is the atypical hand-laid veneer on the fronts. Anegre specialises in creating unique patterns and structures. In case of this project it was diamond processing which constituted an inspiration for introducing the atypical arrangement of the veneer and underlining the contour of the wood rings. This unusual implementation of the virtues of the material has significantly contributed to adding variety to the monolithic structure. This effect has been also enhanced by the implementation of a highlighted alcove which can be an ideal place for display purposes.


Unconventional approach to designing, as well as extensive experience and the technical knowledge, have jointly formed a unique and exceptional piece of furniture which is characterised by considerable potential and which will lend unique character to every interior.

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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to become acquainted with the publication about our company available on the website

Anegre – unique custom-made furniture

If you dream about unique furniture which will give your house or office exceptional character, you ought to become acquainted with Anegre's offer. A manufacturer that had achieved wide recognition not only on the Polish market, but also on the European market, has been dealing with the production of custom-made furniture for years.

The effects of the work of Anegre's creators involve single pieces of furniture, manufactured in accordance with original designs, adjusted to customers' needs and taking full advantage of the technical possibilities available on the market.  The company offers services of superior quality. Anegre furniture is characterised not only by high quality, but especially by interesting design and unique character. It is a perfect proposal for all those who seek original solutions, modern design and unconventional style. Our broad offer includes traditional equipment intended for flats, among other things for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or studies, as well as furniture for commercial premises.   The activity of Anegre has been appreciated not only by customers, but also by specialists from the furniture industry, as reflected by a series of granted awards and distinctions. This outstanding effect is the result of the creative imagination of designers, individual approach to every interior and co-operation of numerous specialists - architects, craftsmen and consultants. We attach considerable significance to the works on a given project and its implementation, at all the stages, commencing with the initial concept design, through detailed elaboration, material selection, production, and finalizing with the assembly.  The design and order of custom-made furniture guarantees not only the originality and uniqueness of the interior decor, but first of all it creates an opportunity for interesting interior design solutions for atypical spaces or adjustment to atypical needs. An excellent example of Anegre's implementation work includes furnishing spaces of a two-level luxury suite, developed in collaboration with the Dwornicka Studio, with furniture. Glamour-style furniture has been proposed for the bright and spacious interiors. It can be found in the kitchen, the bedroom, as well as in the bathroom. Decorated in similar colours and characterised by distinctive design, it forms a coherent whole and it lends a homogeneous and harmonious look to the interior.  Nothing is impossible for Anegre's creators. They will offer and implement an interesting and attractive solution for every interior.

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Successes of Anegre: Diament Meblarstwa 2013, 2014 [Diamond of Furniture Making 2013, 2014] and Furniture Plus Product of the Year 2014

Anegre was established in 2005 by a group of young people who share a joint passion to create. While making use of their experience in furniture manufacturing and wishing to implement concept designs and to continuously develop, the company founders address their services to a highly demanding customer.

The company assumes the provision of top level services addressed to customers who expect furniture of premium quality, and seek unconventional style and design.   The dynamic development of the company allows us to continuously implement new technologies and apply any innovations from the world of furniture, owing to which both the studio, as well as its customers, are always up-to-date with the latest trends.   It is worth noticing that we hardly ever deal with such a dynamically developing furniture studio as Anegre with the registered seat in Strzelin.  Due to the assumptions of the company, the top priority of which involves quality and top-class design, the Anegre Studio has developed the position of a leader not only on the local market, but it has also commenced expansion in Poland and abroad.   The studio, which very actively operates in the Lower Silesia region and which provides services to architects all over Poland, has shown how much still remains to be done on the furniture market, while significantly outdistancing its competitors. At present Anegre implements designs all over the country, and has its own-brand offices in Opole, as well as in Berlin and Austria. Thus, it is no surprise that we sell and provide services to customers all over Poland (Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, etc.), but also in Germany and in other cities of Western Europe.   In recent years, the Anegre Studio has been appreciated by an independent circle of experts and honoured with prestigious awards. The recently awarded “Diament Meblarstwa 2014” [Diamond of Furniture Making 2014] in the category of Kitchen Space in the Premium quality for the BIANCO NATURALE kitchen, seems to be a continuation of an excellent streak of the Strzelin studio - read more.  A year before, the dynamic company was also honoured with Diament Meblarstwa 2013 [Diamond of Furniture Making 2013] in the category of Kitchen Space in the Premium quality for the InfinityLUX kitchen, as well as it was granted a special award of Architects and Interior Designers.  In the Meble Plus [Furniture Plus]  opinion poll Anegre's wardrobe became the Product of the Year 2014.   As the members of the company management say, their customers can always be sure of the highest quality of services. Anegre consultants guarantee individual treatment of customers and they devote a lot of attention to them, from the moment of selecting a suitable material, through design stage and the process of adapting a project to individual needs, production and finally the assembly as such. The customers can count on comprehensive support and assistance of the company, as well as fully professional consultancy services.  What is most important is the satisfaction and recognition of the people who allow the studio a possibility to implement interesting and unique ideas, but especially the fact that customers can experience joy from having extraordinary furniture for many many years to come.  It is worth underlining that all the furniture produced by the company is manufactured as custom-made, adapting it to the needs of the customers and the technical possibilities available on the market. Anegre always emphasises the fact that there are no such things that cannot be made. The manufacturer has its own production plant, with all the required machinery, while the only restriction in the production of furniture is the customer's and architect's imagination.

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World of Residences, Interiors and Gardens

We are pleased to inform you that a prestigious magazine "Świat Rezydencji Wnętrz & Ogrodów" [World of Residences, Interiors and Gardens] number January-February 2014 featured an article entitled "Rzeczpospolita Babska" [Women's Republic of Poland] which presented a project implemented by our company.

For the implementation of this project the Anegre company received an award "Diament Meblarstwa 2013" [Diamond of Furniture Making 2013] in the category of Kitchen Space in the Premium quality and "Diament Design" [Diamond Design] – a special award awarded by architects and interior designers. We invite you to get acquainted with the article.






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